Users’ rights and obligations

À l’aide d’exemple concrets, nous explorons des stratégies à adopter en comité pour favoriser le respect des droits des usagers.

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Users and in-patients committees are the “guardians of users’ rights and interests.” To fully exercise this role, committee members need to be familiar with the 12 users’ rights as listed in the Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services (LSSSS). They must also know how to make the connection between users’ rights and the legal functions of their committee. This training program offers the opportunity to learn, with the help of concrete examples, how certain rights are applied and how to identify conduct and practices to promote respect for these rights.

Objectives of the training program:

  • Aider les membres des comités à mieux comprendre les droits et obligations des usagers pour qu’ils s’acquittent de leur rôle de « gardiens des droits des usagers ».

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